In depth software development life cycle expertise to pragmatically apply a proven agile development approach

The software development life cycle is complex, frequently involving many functional teams internal and external to an organisation, a variety of processes, tools and technologies in order to produce a software solution that meets the business need.  To consistently deliver software effectively on time, on budget and meeting business needs, all aspects of the people, process and tools need to work together efficiently.


Regardless of how good the individual areas of people, process and tools have been addressed, it is always a challenge to keep them working consistently in harmony.  Is it any wonder that due to the complexity of software development projects they are more likely to be impacted by the typical project delivery issues?

If you have any of these frequent project issues we can help address them by introducing a proven agile software development approach: (Learn more . . .)

  • Communication problems
  • Gap between business and IT functions
  • Late delivery or cost overruns
  • Lack of business case
  • Unclear requirements or business objectives
  • Not responding effectively to business change
  • Delayed or late return on investment
  • Ineffective project controls
  • Solution did not meet business needs, one or many of:
    • Business process not supported
    • Functionality incomplete/incorrect
    • Poor performance
    • Poor quality
    • Poor usability
    • Unused features or “gold plating”

If there ever was a silver bullet to kill the demons of project failure it is an iterative and agile process.”  Source: The Standish Group, Chaos Rising 2005

An example where we have delivered

Recently we helped a large software development company who had a traditional approach to project delivery.  We radically increased their productivity resulting in a two thirds reduction in delivery time, significant improvement in quality and importantly significant improvements in the motivation & contribution of the existing staff within both IT & business functions.  This approach has now been adopted as the company’s standard approach to project delivery

The Head of Human Resources Division for the company stated afterwards “These initiatives have been of critical importance . . . and therefore to the continued success of the overall company

How do we address the issues & deliver the transformation? (Learn more . . .)

Whether you require help introducing the whole agile software development framework or just aspects of it such as development practices, we can help.  We can also help apply our expertise and experience to support improvements in waterfall software development approach.

Our aim is to help you transform your software development approach and project delivery to give your organisation the ability to consistently deliver effectively and meet business needs.  We work collaboratively to help you implement the whole proven agile project delivery framework or focus on key aspects that need to be addressed now.  Whatever the scope of work required we can be adapt our approach and the framework to meet the needs of your organisation.  We can adapt our approach from the smallest company to large organisations that expect comprehensive governance as part of IT delivery.

Our aim is that once an agreed framework is in place your projects will always support the following principles:

  1. Focus on business need
  2. Delivery on time
  3. Collaborate
  4. Never compromise on quality
  5. Build incrementally from firm foundations
  6. Develop iteratively
  7. Communicate continuously and clearly throughout
  8. Demonstrate control

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