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We apply our extensive experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, taking a pragmatic approach to all the results-focused services we provide.

Introducing and supporting agile software development practices (Learn more . . .)

Utilising our real world software development experience and pragmatic approach, we can help apply a proven, robust and scalable agile software development framework to all stages of the software development lifecycle.  We can help to introduce significant productivity improvements, encourage innovation whilst motivating staff across end user and IT functions in the delivery of solutions that are fit for purpose and meet your organisation’s demanding targets.  (Learn more . . .)

We recognise that in some organisations a waterfall software development approach may better suit their environment.  We can also help apply our waterfall improvement expertise and experience to support improvements in this approach.

Feedback on previous experiences implementing agile software development practices:

Pilot project significantly reduced elapsed delivery time by 66% when compared to the existing traditional waterfall approach

Testing early & continually supported the delivery of a high quality solution

Interactions or responsibilities for each technical team member (across the development lifecycle) and end users on the project was expanded resulting in increased diversity and interest for each role

Resulting documentation more accurately represented the delivered solution

Level of understanding of the solution massively increased across the project team, anyone was happy to demonstrate final solution.  Single points of failure were reduced and also supported delivery of high quality solution.

All project team members developed a better understanding of the business requirements and contributed more effectively to shaping the solution

It was fun!