Comprehensive, pragmatic services targeted to deliver improved business results and performance for our clients

We apply our extensive experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, taking a pragmatic approach to all the results-focused services we provide.

Software development process improvement

We have a wealth of experience in all stages of the software development lifecycle for both agile and waterfall approaches.  Utilising our real world experience and pragmatic approach we can work with you to identify and support the implementation of process and performance improvements.  This could apply to one targeted area that is giving you cause for concern or a broader view across the whole software development lifecycle.

Examples of previous experience improving the software development process:

Development lifecycle analysis – Analysed whole development lifecycle process to identify significant omissions and areas for improvement to generate an agreed prioritised process improvement action plan

Standards - Introduction of improved standards across all development lifecycle teams and monitoring processes to ensure they are being adhered to

Waterfall process collaboration – Significantly improved the performance of waterfall development lifecycle resulting in increased communication, earlier and regular verification of the developing solution, delivery of higher quality solution, greater team empowerment & accountability, greater visibility of progress & issues, supported soft skills and personal growth of team members.

Improved estimating processes

Performance management – Key performance indicators introduced, performance monitored driving continual improvement initiatives

Software testing – Improved development QA processes & mentoring, Build test automation, Functional regression testing, Load & performance testing, Prioritised / risk based testing

Software release – Initiatives to improve solution quality and responsiveness – greater granularity of developments streams to form a release, improved accountability and management of development streams, greater empowerment to technical team members, improved cross-organisation collaboration on testing, supporting and handover

Organisational change – Introduction of improved structure and roles across the development lifecycle supporting improved development processes and career development for all team members