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Project & Programme management process improvement

Our extensive agile project delivery expertise helps to drive projects & programme management process improvement.

In addition to we have experience in implementing proven project and programme management good practices based on Prince2, including project support.  We can apply this experience to support the implementation of a new project management function (including helping with candidate selection during recruitment).  For an existing function we can analyse current project / programme management practices to identify and help implement any process or performance improvements.

Examples of previous experience improving the Project & Programme management process:

Prince2 tailoring – Reviewed an existing limited Project Management processes and pragmatically introduced a tailored version of Prince2 that was aligned with the organisation’s culture, introduced new or improved template documents in parallel to documented processes and coaching.

Resource & project management tool – Introduced an enterprise scalable tool to cope with the variety and ever changing project requirements, giving confidence that resource plans were realistic and project deadlines achievable for a resource pool shared across the project management team.  The solution increased visibility of project progress across the organisation, enabling summary view for managers and drilling down to a plan for a specific team member.  It also incorporated integrated timesheets to track actuals and enable analysis for certain key performance indicators.

Project support office – Introduced project support office to increase project managers’ ability to proactively spend more time managing projects rather than focused upon project administration.  This also helped implement support for consistent project reporting and a central resource for risk, issue and change administration tasks.

Project prioritisation – Initially there was no specific rules in the organisation to determine which projects should have priority, so often resulted in who shouted loudest or provided largest political pressure.  Introduced a process to capture, report, analyse and gain prioritisation approval of project requests based on business benefit.  The process provided closer project alignment to business strategy; plus greater visibility, openness and clarity to the commercial and solution & service delivery departments in the organisation.