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Interim project management

With the ever changing demands placed on organisations, there are times when there simply aren’t enough resources to manage the number of projects to meet business objectives.  We can help fill the gap with reliable, affordable resources utilising our wealth of practical, real world project management experience including matrix managed environments using both agile project delivery and other best practices such as Prince2.

Examples of previous Project Management experience:

Enterprise product development & implementation programme – Managed transition from 3rd party development consultant to in-house.  Managed £multi-million programme over numerous releases of an n-tier software product with integration to 3rd party solutions.

Application port and 3rd party service provision – Ported extensive n-tier application to new platform involving 3rd party technical resources and different 3rd party testing environment. Vendor global licensing issue was resolved that enabled organisation to become the first UK company to receive the 3rd party application support service.  Defined and agreed SLA with 3rd party to provide the application support service that reduced ongoing development risks for a critical corporate client.

Business to Consumer (B2C) Internet site – Managed a dynamic programme of 10-20 projects incorporating client and product development deliveries

Business to Business (B2B) Internet integration – Integration with numerous 3rd party insurance aggregators involving data translation using XML and XSLT

Various 3rd party application integrations

Business change & transformation projects – introducing cultural, organisation and process change

Collaboration solutions – Bespoke development workflow application solutions, implementation of corporate email and workflow standards

Various IT Service Management projects