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We apply our extensive experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, taking a pragmatic approach to all the results-focused services we provide.

Interim line management

We have extensive people & line management experience, working at all levels from company board to team leader roles; we have further expertise in managing software development & IT services environments.  This has involved all aspects of line management to large and small teams including introducing organisational change, people performance management, people development, recruitment.  Whether your organisation has a short term gap in resources or would welcome supporting your existing management team, we are confident your organisation can benefit from our real world experience.

Examples of previous Line Management experience:

Organisational analysis - Initially the organisation’s division focused primarily around one legacy solution with limited process and structure. Analysed division’s capabilities, produced a report and gained Directors’ support for change initiatives. Introduced significant cultural, organisational and process change to pragmatically apply best practice, resulting in improved quality, reducing rework by 50%.

Recruitment - Led recruitment of management and technical team, increasing staffing levels by over 250%. This was to meet parallel challenges of delivering 3 new strategic product development streams and FSA legislation solution, without which the organisation’s clients could have been closed down.

Organisational restructuring & people development - Designed & implemented new organisational structure and associated roles, developed clear guidance to support career development and a plan to maintain good communication levels.  Following on instigated a significant internal development of technical skills, improvement in team leadership, line management and project management. Also when necessary used structured performance management processes to support development of skills so individuals were able to perform their role effectively. All contributed to help maintain high staff retention & performance levels that was critical to the organisation.

3rd party management - Whilst the organisation was a significant size, business demands and requirements for specialist skills meant that they did not always have the appropriate resources available.  Frequently identified, developed and managed external service or solution providers in order to deliver objectives.

Delivery of strategic & operational objectives - As a company board member for many years, worked to agree strategic objectives and then translated into operational objectives and cascaded these to my team, working closely to ensure they were delivered. Whilst maintaining strong relationships with all team members (either through direct lines or a matrix management structure), worked closely with managers & team leaders providing coaching, motivation and support.

Integration of teams and 3rd parties - Tasked to bring together disparate teams into one focused solution delivery. Developed technical & commercial relationships with IBM, helped motivate our team members and built improved capability awareness within IBM. Organised and contributed to customer seminars to build business opportunities and improve company profile. Integrated a Swedish sister company, significantly increasing team’s capabilities resulting in a number of significant PLC contracts.