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Agile project delivery readiness

As a precursor to any transformation approach we recommend conducting a short evaluation of an organisation’s current capabilities.  This confirms whether agile project delivery would be beneficial, most organisations benefit but we always approach our clients’ with an open mind to ensure we are not trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  In addition it identifies the number and size of steps needed to attain the goal and broadens confidence in the client’s organisation both in the agile approach and how the transformation will be achieved.

Example of a previous Agile project delivery readiness experience:

The organisation had decided they wished to implement agile project approach, but there were a number of stakeholders that were still to be convinced and some senior business managers who did not understand what this ‘agile’ approach was.

Working collaboratively with the organisation we arranged small group and individual discussions.  During the time we met over 40 members of staff, representing commercial, customer service and technical staff likely to be impacted by the introduction of agile project approach.  This enabled us to understand their current project approach, any concerns they had and address any burning questions about the proposed change.  We concluded there was significant overall support and benefit from introducing an agile approach within the organisation. If there were significant issues to introducing an agile approach we would have raised these concerns.  During this time we also completed more in depth discussions with two teams who had reservations.  This enabled us to allay their concerns and spend more time explaining how the agile approach worked and how their roles would be utilised.

Next we presented our findings and also a summary of how the agile approach worked to key stakeholders across the organisation.  This developed an increased uniform understanding of the agile approach within the organisation and allayed all the significant concerns prior to implementing the change.

The result was that the organisation approved a pilot project for the agile approach.  We then spent time with the stakeholders responsible for the pilot in outlining recommendations for the type and scale of the pilot, the main processes of the agile framework to be followed during initiation, resources required etc.   Therefore before the pilot project was initiated, we had given the organisation good guidance and direction on planning, providing a kick start for the pilot.