Expediting our clients’ improved business results through pragmatic delivery of professional and knowledgeable services

Our ethos

As our company name suggests we work in a collaborative manner, working closely with our clients to understand their needs.  We apply our experience and knowledge to deliver a service that meets your exact requirements.  We do not have the ‘we are consultants and know best’ arrogant approach.  We are pragmatic, flexible and adaptable to meet your needs and very focused on delivering value to your organisation.

Client satisfaction is of primary importance to us, we are totally committed to ensure all your needs are met from the initial contact.  We always aim to work closely with our clients’ and become a valued long term partner; providng effective support and advice whether or not it relates specifically to the services we provide.  We always aim to delight our clients so that they feel confident in recommending Collaborative Consulting to other organisations.

You will find that we are:

  • Professional
  • Reliable & trustworthy
  • Consultants independently accredited by professional organisations
  • Driven & committed to supporting the success of your organisation
  • Open & honest
  • Pragmatic
  • Practical and results orientated
  • Flexible
  • Also importantly, Affordable

Our commitment

Our aim is always to transfer our knowledge and experience so that you are self-sufficient as quickly as possible.  We work in a collaborative manner, working closely with you to ensure the approach we jointly agree is appropriate for your organisation.

With at least 20 years experience, our consultants are knowledgeable, dependable, business oriented IT specialists.  In keeping with an the agile approach we focus on ensuring your business needs are met, but we also have a breadth and depth of technical experience to call upon if required to support the effective coaching or delivery of a project.  Our consultants are very approachable, have good people and communication skills and are client centric to ensure each engagement is completed successfully.

We can address any size of engagement through our associate network of proven, trusted, reliable consultants.

An example where we have delivered

Recently we helped a large software development company who had a traditional approach to project delivery.  We radically increased their productivity resulting in a two thirds reduction in delivery time, significant improvement in quality and importantly significant improvements in the motivation & contribution of the existing staff within both IT & business functions.  This approach has now been adopted as the company’s standard approach to project delivery

The Head of Human Resources Division for the company stated afterwards “These initiatives have been of critical importance . . . and therefore to the continued success of the overall company

Types of engagement

We take a flexible approach when engaging with clients.  This can take many forms to ensure we adapt to your needs and can include time & materials, fixed term or service ‘call off’ contracts.