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Welcome and thank you for visiting.  We are passionate and excited about how we can help significantly transform all types of organisations by pragmatically applying agile project delivery approaches to business and IT projects, resulting in a real impact on improving business results.

Through our site we aim to provide a valuable level of information and insight to help support your initiatives and decision making.  As pragmatic and experienced consultants we would be delighted to help you further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We focus on helping organisations work more efficiently to achieve these benefits:

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We focus on addressing the people & process based issues that are the main reason why many organisations across all sectors find that projects frequently do not deliver the anticipated business value and often run into a variety of difficulties.  This is true for all types of business projects and particularly IT solution or software development.   Some recent analysis is provided below:


  • Successful:   On time, to specification and within budget
  • Challenged:  Late, over budget and/or with less than the required features and functions
  • Failed:         Cancelled


Figure 1– Source: The Standish Group – Worldwide project performance survey results 2004

Figure 2 – Source: Office of Government Commerce Gateway Reviews April 2004-June 2006

We can help you to address the underlying reasons for failed and challenged projects:

  • Communication problems
  • Not responding effectively to business change
  • Delayed or late return on investment
  • Ineffective project controls & governance
  • Solution did not meet business needs
  • Gap between business and IT functions
  • Late delivery or cost overruns
  • Lack of business case
  • Unclear requirements or business objectives

“The message for IT is clear; business needs and expects greater agility from IT. The current approaches to project prioritisation, resourcing, agility and governance are clearly not satisfying customer needs. A new approach to IT delivery models and sourcing options is required that allows IT organisations to be more responsive to the needs of the business.

Source: Gartner, October 14, 2008, “Changing the Cost Structure of IT Will Become a Business Imperative for Most CIOs”

Transforming the project delivery approach to ABC (Learn more . . .)

We are passionate about the benefits we can deliver when working pragmatically and collaboratively with organisations to help transform their approach to delivery of projects or solution development.  We help embed a culture within both Business and IT functions that is:

  • Agile (an approach that is proven, robust & scalable)
  • Business results focused
  • Collaborative

This approach enables business functions (including end user and IT functions) to work together effectively to consistently meet an organisations demanding targets and embrace business change.

If there ever was a silver bullet to kill the demons of project failure it is an iterative and agile process.”  Source: The Standish Group, Chaos Rising 2005

Working collaboratively with your organisation we pragmatically apply our extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure the transformation integrates effectively within your unique environment.

The result?

Each solution or change required by the organization is the one that is delivered – on time.

Through addressing these key people & process based issues, we ensure that an organisation’s projects do deliver the anticipated business value and help them to achieve better business results.

We help drive significant efficiency improvements that generate faster return on investment, increasing innovation, reducing delivery time, increasing the quality of the solution, maximising the potential of existing staff and increasing their contribution & commitment.